Protect your catch from orcas

Protecting longline fishing from whale depredation

Long liners worldwide face catch predation by marine mammals. During the hauling of the long lines, opportunistic orcas visit fishing vessels to snatch fish from the lines as they are retrieved. These smart predators are a serious threat to the long lining industry worldwide.

Orcas can seriously reduce the number of fish like Patagonian toothfish, halibut or black cod landed per fishing trip, causing a great financial loss.

Fishing boats around the world trust the Orca Saver

In cooperation with Mustad Longline, SaveWave has addressed this problem and developed a product that deters orcas from fishing vessels in an animal- and environmentally friendly way. The Orca Saver emits specially developed and extensively tested acoustic signals that repel orcas from fishing vessels. Both fishermen and researchers are very enthusiastic about the Orca Saver. They recommend the Orca Saver due to its huge economic benefits and animal friendly workings.

How you benefit:

Immediate and long-lasting results

Cost effective

Safe and compliant


If you have any questions concerning the sales of our Orca Saver, please contact our partner and distributor Mustad Autoline.