Deter orcas with effective underwater sound

How do orca deterrents work?

SaveWave developed proprietary underwater sound technology to keep orcas at a distance from fishing vessels. The technology produces a constant flow of loud but safe disturbing sounds in the full hearing spectrum of the orcas. Resulting in them keeping a distance from your fishing activities.

How you benefit:

Immediate and long-lasting results

Cost effective

Safe and compliant

“As an Alaskan longliner it’s great to have a tool developed that responds to the increased hale predation on our world’s fisheries. The OrcaSaver™ has re-opened fishing opportunity and improved profitability once lost to whale predation. I’m grateful to the manufacturer for recognizing the need in developing tools that help our industry.” —Mr. Jim Hubbard Captain & Owner, F/V Kruzof, Alaska

To provide you with the local support that you need, we partnered with Mustad Autoline:

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